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When is the best time to start shopping for my wedding dress?

This really depends on the type of dress you choose.  Most brides start shopping for their dress 8-12 months before their wedding day.  Although some brides do come in and choose their dress closer to the day.  Some brides decide on their dress and take it away on the day, but this is unusual, and depends on us having your exact size in stock.

How many people shall I bring with me for my appointment?

You can bring as many people as you want.  Having the right people there is important, when making such an important decision.  There is a word of warning though: the more people you have there, the more opinions you’ll get on each dress.  So it’s really important that those who do come with you, know you well and understand what you want, and what will look best on you.   Some brides do choose to come on their own, this is fine too.  We just want what is right for you.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes we do require brides to make an appointment.  This means you get the dedicated time and attention from our team to help you find the perfect dress.  It also helps to create happy and fun memories of such an important day.

How many appointments will I need?

You can have as many appointments as you want.  

How long will the appointment last?

We tend to book up to two hours for each appointment to ensure we find the right dress for you.  They can be shorter or longer on request though.  

What sizes do you stock?

We can get dresses in your size.  Never let your size be a restriction to having your dream dress.  We can get any size and generally stock a variety of sizes.

What price are the wedding dresses?

Our dresses come in a range of prices.  We can find the perfect dress to suit your budget and style.  

Do you do accesories?

Yes we have a large variety of accessories to ensure you and your bridal team look amazing.  We stock shoes, handbags, wedding belts, garters, tiaras, veils, bridal jewellery, hair accessories and shoe clips.  

Is there any parking?

Yes there is loads of parking - that was critical when we were looking for the perfect venue.

Where are you located?

We are easy to find, close to Chesterfield town, with oodles of parking!  We are near the train station behind the car wash.  We are located alongside the renowned and award winning martial arts centre - Unit One.  Our premises are spacious, purposeful and focused on making your experience one to remember.

Is there a charge for appointments?

There is no charge for appointments.  We understand many companies do charge, but we want our brides to find the perfect dress without the pressure of paying for appointments as well.  

Is the appointment private?

Yes all appointments are private and we allocate time for you to try on a variety of different dresses.  We like our brides to be relaxed and have fun when trying on our collections.

Can I take photos at my appointment?

Yes you can take pictures during the appointments.  Just remember though, the dress you wear on your wedding day will be altered to fit you exactly, and the ones in the showroom won’t ever fit as well as the one that is made just for you.  

When will I need to come for fittings?

The final fitting will be with our expert alteration team member about a month before your big day.

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